A mental prep guide for first-time menstrual cup users

A mental prep guide for first-time menstrual cup users

Are you curious about menstrual cups but hesitant to take the plunge? You are not alone. Let's address some common worries with a dose of honesty and assurance.

"I want to try menstrual cups, but I am scared."
Thousands rave about menstrual cups online, but the thought of inserting something into your vagina can be unsettling. It's a natural concern, especially for first-timers. The fear of it getting stuck inside? Understandable. However, remember, it's a one-time hesitation. Familiarise yourself with your own body, and the worry begins to fade.

"How do I even insert a menstrual cup?"
Wondering how to tackle the initial hurdle of insertion and removal? It's all about getting the fold right. Online tutorials are your friend. Experiment with different folds and positions. Everyone's body is different, and that's okay. Find what works for you.

Pro tip: practice when you are not on your period to master the technique stress- free.

"Yikes! How will I handle my own blood?"
Worried about facing your own blood? Shift your perspective. Menstrual cups offer a chance to connect with your body. You get a front-row seat to your menstrual flow, understanding its rhythm like never before. You witness the exact flow and understand your menstruation patterns, unlike the obscured view through a pad. It's not just liberating; it's downright empowering.

"Can I even walk if I use a menstrual cup?"
Ever worried about walking or doing daily activities with a menstrual cup? Picture this, swimming on your period without turning the pool red. Menstrual cups offer that level of protection. You can walk, run, or swim once you get used to it. Soon, you won't even notice it's there. Using a menstrual cup will change everything, and although it may seem intimidating initially, trust yourself, take it one step at a time, and soon, the idea of menstrual cups won't be as daunting as it once seemed. Begin your first menstrual cup experience with MyPink, a brand you can trust wholeheartedly.

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